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“I’ll Show You How to Get a Digital or Tech Career…in 1 Year or Less. ”

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WehnerEd provides coaching services and in-depth resources to help you build in-demand skills and secure a fulfilling and high-paying career in tech within 1 year.

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1-On-1 Career Coaching for the Digital Age

From IT to software development to digital marketing, Ross will show you how to build the right skills to quickly land an in-demand career in the digital or tech job market.

By working with him, you’ll get:

  • 1-on-1 coaching to walk you step-by-step through career changes for less stress and fewer mistakes.
  • Personalized learning plans so you have a roadmap for what you need to learn, how to learn it, and when you’ll finish learning to get the job or the raise you want, fast.

  • Mock interviews to help you feel confident, say the right things, and uncover areas of improvement so you can ace your job interview.
  • And much more!
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Testimonials from Happy Clients

“I emerged from my conversation with Ross much more confident in my job search and with a specific action plan. He’s a good listener and I appreciated his tailored advice for someone in my unique position. I’d recommend his services to anyone, particularly those making a career transition.”

Kara, Denver, USA

“WehnerEd provided invaluable coaching and career advice that ultimately led to me leaving a successful corporate career to pursue my passion in medicine. The thoughtful process and the plan to take immediate action were tailored to my situation and gave me the confidence to make this life-changing decision!”

Adam, Portland, USA

Free Resources for Transforming Your Career

WehnerEd’s mission is to help you quickly land a career in the digital and tech marketplace that provides long-term growth, financial security, and personal fulfillment.

That’s why we provide a ton of free tips and tools to help you quickly get ahead in today’s competitive environment.

From step-by-step plans to exclusive interviews to in-depth write-ups, you’ll receive valuable insights, advice, and strategies for succeeding in your career.

Grab your free resources now.

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Meet the Man Behind WehnerEd

Hi, I’m Ross Wehner, Creator of WehnerEd.

I’ve coached dozens of people and helped them change their lives by changing their careers. I created WehnerEd to share all the knowledge I have about learning in-demand skills, finding high-paying jobs, and building a sustainable career in the digital and tech job market.

But I wasn’t always a career coach.

And good thing, because so many career coaches never had a real job or career outside of coaching. (How can they coach you on finding a better career if they’ve never had one?)

Before I was a career coach, I worked for…

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