Starting a New Career

We are often not happy when it comes to change. We are afraid that the change can bring something bad, and we usually prefer the things we already know. Ironically, we don’t realize that only the change is constant, and that includes career change as well. You can resist it, you can avoid it, but once you start the change, it only means that a wonderful new start is ahead of you, a fresh, clean slate for brand new achievements. But when it comes to leaving a job, change can be especially stressful. Your routines and small daily rituals can turn leaving the familiar environment behind into a frightening experience. After all, you have spent years as a part of an organization. You soaked its culture and became an integral part of it.

And then there are personal connections with the people you are working with. Whether your co-workers became your friends or they just remained acquaintances, leaving your work for a new career also means saying goodbye to them and the sense of teamwork you developed together. But sometimes in life, career change is necessary in order to move on. You may find yourself at a dead end in your current workplace or you realize that you can make your full potential in another position. As stressful as it might be to leave a job, sometimes staying can be even worse.

The truth is, our jobs have such great influence on our lives. And although some people prefer to stay in their comfort zones, you should take control of your life and see how it becomes better.

Here are the top 9 benefits that changing your career can bring into your life

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A stronger sense of purpose in life

New Career

You can feel it in your stomach- you are ready for a change. But don’t forget that each change is like turning a page. You have to close one chapter to open another one. While career change can bring an identity crisis, you need to remember that changing to a new career doesn’t mean that you are done. On the contrary, it is the beginning of something new.

Changing jobs can make you feel more excited about your work and give you new reasons to be passionate about your work. That said, it inevitably gives you a brand new purpose in life. Taking a leap of faith can be frightening a bit, but it also provides that sense of adventure that we all need from time to time to feel good about ourselves.

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New People

New Career

The more people you meet in your lifetime, the more you will learn about work and life. And while leaving your co-workers can make you feel sad, have in mind that you are actually expanding the number of your contacts as it will allow for more opportunities and experiences.

And if you are working in an environment where the culture isn’t productive or comfortable enough, changing a career might be a good way to find out what is the root of that discomfort. Maybe it is just that one team that doesn’t suit you or maybe you chose the wrong industry. Whatever the case is, a fresh start will give you a new perspective.

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New Skills

New Career

Changes trigger progress and things move forward because of them. One of the top benefits of changing your career is the opportunity to gain new skills. Just think about the learning curve you experienced when you started at your current job. There was a turbulent period of adaptation, followed by a long period of learning the details about your new career. In an ideal situation, you became an expert in your field, but are you capable of more? A simple answer would be “yes.” You are more than capable and ready to learn new things and advance your knowledge.

In today’s economy, it is essential never to stop learning and growing. This is something that more and more employers are coming to understand too. That is why the best employers invest in the education of their employees. Choosing a new career and working out how to use new skills can be an extremely satisfying process.

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New Challenges

New Career New Challenges

Does your boss trust you enough to make you in charge of a project? Do you feel like you have enough responsibilities at your current job? If not, the lack of challenges might be holding you back from finding a purpose in what you do. You have surely heard friends and family talk about everyone wanting a nice and “cushy” job. You know the type, where everything is easy, stress-free and not challenging at all. It’s so perfect it’s almost like someone is paying you to sleep at work.

But in reality, a job can be both easy and horrible for your personal growth and career. Best things usually happen when we leave our comfort zones, and a job with no challenges puts you at risk for a number of job-killing behaviors, such as scrolling through the social media or playing games to pass the time. It’s bad for your morale and your reputation of a valuable employee. Find a job that keeps the challenges coming.

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Higher Earnings

new career higher earnings

Did you know that the same job in different industries can pay significantly different amounts? And while we all know that negotiating is necessary for earning more money, some sources say that workers who stay at the same job can averagely expect only about a 3 percent increase per year. On the other hand, those who switch jobs can see their paychecks increase an average of 4.5 percent.

In short, your job skills may be much more profitable in another industry. That’s why you need to be aware of what your counterparts in other industries are making. Starting a new career can lead to a higher salary, but don’t forget to negotiate other benefits as well, such as vacation time for example, when deciding if it’s time to take a new job.

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Share Your Story

share your story of a new career

Everyone loves a good “quitting” story. But more than that, everyone loves to feel inspired. So, if you felt stuck or underappreciated at your old job and you did something to change it, everyone will love to hear how it all went down.

Soon, you will realize that the world needs more of these stories because they give the courage to those who are still on the fence about changing their own lives. Once you help other people with your own example, you will inevitably feel better about yourself. You will feel like a true inspiration to others.

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You Will Find a Better Boss

New career

All of us get mad at our bosses from time to time. But if “from time to time” becomes all the time and you’ve already tried to make things work, then it may be the time to find a new career. According to a Gallup poll, the number one reason people leave their jobs is a bad relationship with their boss.

A fundamental communication issue with your boss could make things intense and filled with distrust, which eventually can lead to low productivity and frustration. Changing a job also means a new beginning with a new boss and no bad feelings whatsoever.

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You Will Find a Better Company

If you have the feeling that people are leaving your current company and that everything around you is falling apart, that’s because it probably is. If you can see that your company is going to fail, it’s probably a good time to find a better environment work in.

Some companies fail because they are in declining markets and others do because their leaders make poor decisions. Unfortunately, in these cases, it’s the employees who usually take the fall. But this doesn’t have to be your story. With a little bit of pro-activity and investing in your own skills, you can avoid going down with the sinking ship. After all, you are a free individual who is capable of making business decisions. There are so many good companies out there who would be more than happy to work with you.

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You’ll finally find a schedule that suits you

new careeer

Do you find it difficult to maintain the work-life balance in your life? Many people do. If you feel like you can’t keep the pace with your job, regardless of whether it moves too quick or too slow for you, it might be a good idea to think about a new career.

For example, maybe you will find out that you enjoy the benefits of freelancing instead of spending the hours in the office. Or maybe deep down, you are an introvert stuck with the tasks designed for extroverts. You need to listen to your heart and ask yourself if your job is making you feel good. The thing is, you will never know if you don’t try and spending years at a wrong job could cost you so many happy moments and achievements.


Hopefully, these tips and benefits will give you strength and inspiration needed for the brand-new chapter in your life. It won’t be easy, but don’t let the fear of unknown defeat you. Remember that everyone is afraid, even if they make it seem different. There are many new challenges and people out there, waiting for you to meet them. So invest in your skills and knowledge and take control of your life. The best is yet to come.

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