“I feel lost. How can I find direction?”

  • “Where do I go next?”
  • “How do I find work that inspires me?”
  • “How do I get out of a job I'm not happy at?”
  • “I'm stuck in my career. How do I get started again?”
  • “I feel trapped in my career due to my limited skills. How can I break this vicious cycle?”
  • “My work is so exhausting and I never have the energy to find a better job. Is there any way out?”
  • “I'm so BORED and TIRED of staring at my computer screen. There HAS to be a better job out there!”

I hear these questions and challenges all too often, which means I've developed great answers over the years! The good news is that I address each of these items (and more!) in my free webinar (details below) created for folks just like you who seek a huge improvement for their career.

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As a professional career coach, I help many folks like you determine their purpose and find work that they love. With that said, it's absolutely normal to feel stuck in your career if you only have experience in one area. Don't worry, the world is full of opportunity and you can accomplish anything in life if you're willing to work for it.

The first step is determining the direction you want to go.

This is the method I use to help my clients get unstuck:

  1. Start with introspection to determine your values and purpose. What outcomes do you want your life and career to create? Who do you want to impact for the better? What motivates you? Don't worry, you don't need to know these answers 100%, but take time to ask yourself about the legacy you want to create with your career and life and go with your gut feeling. Start in this direction for now, and reassess throughout your life. The answer(s) will change as you grow and change.
  2. Next, leverage online tools like Google and LinkedIn to find roles at the intersections of your CORE (purpose and values), NEEDS, SKILLS, and GOALS.
    • Your needs might be things like salary requirements to pay off debt, or the number of hours you are able to work each week due to other obligations.
    • Your skills are what you bring to the table. These could be skills you already have that enable you to bring value to others or those that you acquire quickly and efficiently.
    • Your goals are the long-distance outcomes you are seeking to create, the teams you seek to lead, or the legacy that you deeply desire to build. Again, identify intersections between these four aspects to guide your career search in the real world for #3.
  3. Third, find roles in the real world that match your ideal jobs from #2. You can approach this from a variety of directions.
    • Identify possible employers whose purpose and values align with your own. If you're passionate about protecting our fragile earth, then start your career search by looking for employers that share this same feeling.
    • Start with industries that interest you and fit your needs. Maybe you want to work in sports. Cool, then search career options at ESPN or your local sports team.
    • Discover new job functions that make use of your skills in new ways. Seriously, with tech moving the world forward faster than ever, new jobs are being invented in new ways. Search Google or LinkedIn for jobs based on the skills you would like to use and see which opportunities are out there that you never considered. This method will also show you what (if anything) you need to learn to earn those roles.
  4. The last step is to get started. Life can easily get too busy and often times getting started the toughest part of this whole process. Make time to create the life and career that's right for you.

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As I mentioned before, I teach each of these items (and more!) in my free webinar created for folks just like you who seek a huge improvement for their career. Even better, I have created an online course that's way more affordable compared with my 1-on-1 coaching and you can complete the quick curriculum around your busy schedule, in the car, or from your couch at home.


Start by understanding yourself, your goals, your motivations, and the legacies you want to create. Then find roles that build toward those visions and will enable you to make your aspirations a reality. This sounds warm and fluffy (and unrealistic to many) because for some reason our society tells us to “get in line” instead of creating opportunities for ourselves and building lives that we'll love. Seriously, create the success you desire.

Please feel free to email me if you'd like to continue the conversation for your unique situation.