The Career Hacking PodcastWelcome to the first episode of the Career Hacking podcast! The official podcast of The web's most comprehensive online education resource for those looking to level-up their skills and empower their lives to reach new levels of success.

Are you ready to take home a higher salary, work in a more fulfilling and enjoyable role, define your own work schedule, or succeed in a progressive and meaningful career? The Career Hacking podcast is designed to guide you through the vast realm of online education and to equip you for today’s digital opportunities. Mastering digital skills is becoming increasingly necessary to survive and thrive in all jobs and industries in the coming future and our advice will.

The Career Hacking podcast will provide the insights you need to level-up your life and achieve in the world that’s changing faster than ever. Hosted by me, Ross Wehner, the founder and lead career consultant at, each short episode dives into the most-asked questions from you: the listeners. Many questions stem from our 1-on-1 career coaching sessions, our website, and Twitter. Our answers to topics on future industry trends, coding bootcamps, productivity hacks, and proven insights will help you take the leap to start creating a better you- TODAY.

You know it wasn't that long ago when agriculture was the fundamental basis of all economies around the world. Not only for people to feed themselves to survive, but also in order to create personal income to be able to purchase goods and services from the local store. Only recently in the last several generations have farming practices become dominated by mass mechanization. Instead of having teams of people work the land, now only a few hands are needed to operate large equipment, on massive areas of land. Alongside these changes, the majority of jobs shifted to be more industrial-based. Assembly lines and manufacturing facilities began producing products much more efficiently and affordably than ever. Tons of new jobs in retail were also created to market and sell these products to consumers and ended up creating the idea of the “American Dream.” People who were raised on hard labor- all of a sudden required new skills that had never been needed before. Financial roles sprung up everywhere that required strong abilities in mathematics and sales forecasting. Design engineers like Thomas Edison familiar with metallurgy and mechanization were in huge demand to continue inventing products that- once on the market- the public couldn’t imagine living without.

Fast-forward to today where we are on the cusp of the digital era- the next big wave to forever change our society. Not so sure this is the case? Show me a millennial that hasn’t checked their social feeds today, hasn’t checked Google for the answer to every immediate question, or doesn’t take out their cell phone out at the dinner table to check their latest messages. The internet and mobile technology are taking over our lives, and leaders in every industry are taking notice to stay relevant. The result? Just check the headlines: Retail shops are shutting their doors for good while businesses like Amazon, Facebook, Google, and Netflix are posting record profits. GE is rebranding itself as a digital industrial company, and DirectTV is forcing ads on us for their online streaming services instead of the usual satellite dish.

Just as new skills were required to prepare the workforce for a new industrial economy, so too must our society today adapt and learn new trades for the jobs that are most in demand today and in the coming future. This may sound like a hassle, but the great news is that learning is now easier and more affordable than ever with the advent of online education. Gone are the days where you need to pay a college tuition that also supports overly-beautified campuses and football scholarships. Now you can learn from the comfort of your own home without all the other overhead costs that are included in a brick-and-mortar institution.

Additionally, classes nowadays focus less on lectures that put you to sleep, and instead spend more effort on engaging and industry-relevant projects that not only build your expertise but also start to build your portfolio of relevant work experiences to help you land your last …first job.

In this podcast and at, we strive to put your worries at ease by answering the questions that you and WehnerEd community are facing. We'll answer questions such as:

  1. What are the most in-demand jobs now and into the future?
  2. What is the best way to go about a career change to a new field?
  3. Am I even qualified to learn digital skills?
  4. You know I can’t quit my job, right? How do I actually learn these skills?
  5. What does a programmer or digital marketer actually do?
  6. How can I avoid starting over in a new career path since I already have a decade or more of experience?
  7. How soon will the digital transformation really transform?
  8. Money doesn’t grow on trees. How am I supposed to pay for these online classes?
  9. Do online classes provide accredited degrees? Are they well-respected by recruiters? Are they worth it?
  10. You're kidding right? I'm going to start learning to code at my age?
  11. How do I stand out from the crowd when competing against so many other candidates for jobs?
  12. How do you prepare for a job that maybe hasn't been invented yet?
  13. What pitfalls can I avoid that cause many others to fail when changing careers?
  14. Or maybe you’re seeking to stay in your existing role and add more value and job security by supplementing your existing skills?

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not advocating that everyone needs to learn to code and to join a start-up. Far from it. Digital skills are necessary in every country, every state, in any business, in any industry, at any scale, large or small.

Are you a mechanic? Great, you might also enjoy looking under the hood and maintaining websites.

Interior designer? Solid, how does user interface design sound for your favorite designer brand sound?

Teacher? There are loads of opportunities in the growing space of digital education.


Changing careers is easier than ever in our new digital economy …you may just need a little help from your friends at WehnerEd. 🙂

Thank you for taking the time to listen this episode and the rest of our upcoming podcasts, and remember that you can check out our other services and submit your own questions to the Career Hacking podcast at…or reach out to us via a direct message on Twitter @Wehner_Ed.