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Our pricing structure is modular so you aren't locked into an expensive enormous package filled with extra fluff that you'll never have time to utilize.

    • Initial 1-hour block of time                $200
    • Additional 1-hour block of time       $180
    • Additional 2-hour block of time       $350
    • Additional 4-hour block of time       $650

Additionally, services that take place offline or via email (resume & LinkedIn reviews, keyword optimization, cover letter writing, online job search, brand marketing strategy, etc.) will count against hours at 33% rate. For example, 60 minutes of offline review will count as only 20 minutes of purchased time- truly making your dollar go further.

This is a sample outline of the overall process that we can follow to guide your career change. Most clients finish this process in 5 purchased-hours or less, or around $700… quite a wonderful deal considering the $3k-$20k salary bumps they have received!

    1. Determine the right trajectory for you and your career (both for today and for the future) through the “clarity” exercise
    2. Career search – translate your purpose (from #1) into real jobs by identifying companies and roles that are the right fit for you
    3. Develop a winning marketing strategy for your brand. We'll position your narrative at the intersection of your “why” (from #1), your x-factor (your unique selling points), and the interests of prospective employers (from #2)
    4. Optimize your LinkedIn profile and draft/update your resume and cover letter templates based on results from #3. Our professional resume reviewers and writers have years of experience pro-tuning keywords and formatting to breeze through online resume (ATS) screeners
    5. Leverage our proprietary methods, scripts, and templates to efficiently earn interviews via phone, email, LinkedIn, and more
    6. Interview prep and mock interviews with experienced recruiters – to win your interviews
    7. Salary negotiation advising to ensure you get the compensation you deserve

Yes, you read it correctly – we'll prioritize your services and do whatever it takes to quickly earn you a job in the career path that's right for you.

This package is similar to “Upgrading and Changing Careers” section except we remove all incremental payments. For a flat rate of $3,000, we will do whatever it takes to go above and beyond for the job opening(s) that you're seeking. Folks who purchase this package frequently receive job offers within 2 months.

  • Unlimited phone calls
  • Unlimited email support
  • Unlimited job searching completed for you
  • Unlimited personal marketing planning
  • Unlimited branding strategies
  • Unlimited resume reviews & LinkedIn update
  • Unlimited mock interviews
  • Free scripts, templates, marketing designs, and more.

Fast-track your career growth and success with WehnerEd's proven “get hired” process.

For our long-term strategy clients who are seeking life-long advancement and legacy planning, our pricing structure adapts to your needs.

    • Quarterly strategy calls              $180 per quarter
    • Monthly strategy calls                $160 per month
    • Bi-monthly strategy calls          $300 per month

Our services may include but aren't limited to:

    • Strategic networking
    • Informational interviews
    • 360° peer reviews
    • Intentional learning & personal development
    • Negotiation preparation
  1. 3-month minimum commitment.

Please visit our page dedicated to outplacement services.

I'm Ready, Let's Get Started!

  • Job Searching

  • Interview Coaching

  • Resumes & Keyword Optimization
  • Discovering A New Career Path
  • Marketing Your Experience

  • Networking

  • Salary Negotiation

  • Building Confidence

  • Writing Cover Letters

  • LinkedIn Optimization

  • Elevator Pitches

  • Free Templates, & Online Resources

Please let me know if you have any questions, and thank you for your time and consideration.

Ross Wehner

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Please note that WehnerEd cannot guarantee job placement and does not act as a recruitment or placement service. Our coaching services strictly serve to streamline the process of career advancement. Your first payment confirms that you agree to these terms, our  Privacy Policy, and Terms of Use unless otherwise specified in writing.