Example Linked In Messages to Get You Noticed

Example 1 – Applying for a Web Developer role

Subject line: Following Up On Last Night’s Speech

Dear XX,

My name is Anna Baker and I loved your speech about the new trends in website development. I am reaching out because I am in the midst of job search and I am interested in the Web Developer role at your company.

As you can see in my resume that I have attached for your consideration, I have over 10 years of experience in web development and would love to obtain new skills.

I greatly appreciate your time and expertise.


Anna Baker

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Example 2 – Applying for a Digital Marketing position

Subject- Fellow Web Designer Interested in a Digital Marketing position

Dear XX,

My name is Adam Baker and I am a fellow web designer contributing to several independent online magazines. I very much enjoyed your blog on future marketing positions.

I would love to speak with you more about the Senior designer role at your company as I’m looking for a new career opportunity and have even created a few app design suggestions as a hobby over the past 6 months.

Please find my CV attached. I appreciate your time and effort.

Kind regards,

Adam Baker