Inside this guide, you’ll discover:

  • 3 “tricks” for communicating effectively during both small meetings and big presentations
  • How asking for feedback from your coworkers and peers can boost your personal development (and what to ask to get the best responses)
  • How to challenge the status quo to get noticed by upper management (in a good way)
  • The little-known secret I used to get promoted 10 years ahead of schedule (and how you can use it to do more fulfilling work within your organization)

And much more.

Plus, you’ll receive the exclusive bonus guide:10 Rules of Successful Job Offer Negotiations which shows you:

  • Why you should always negotiate the terms of your job offer (and why your employer will respect you more if you do)
  • The power of maintaining a positive attitude throughout the negotiation process (even if things aren’t going your way)
  • How to prevent the “negotiation door” from closing on you (hint: if the employer asks what you think about their offer, don’t say these 3 words)

And a whole lot more.

These are 2 power-packed guides that will put you on the fast-track to career success.

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If you simply keep waiting for a promotion, or hoping for a raise, or wishing for professional success of any kind…you’ll never get it.

And yet, that’s the career plan most people have for rising the ranks within their company.

Well, I think there’s a better (and faster) way to achieve major career success. And it all comes down to your professional qualities.

In this guide, I lay out 16 qualities for succeeding in your current or future job such as:

  • Dale Carnegie’s 5 key skills for building strong relationships
  • When and how to give (and receive) constructive feedback for professional growth
  • 8 tips for mastering email communication (and why “knowing your audience” is critical for crafting appropriate messages)
  • The 5 skills you must develop if you hope to earn more money, be more productive, and influence your coworkers

Plus so much more…

On top of that, I’ll include the strategic guide 10 Rules of Successful Job Offer Negotiations so you can:

  • Frame yourself as an investment for the company (instead of a potential liability)
  • Why you should take 24 hours to consider the offer (and avoid being bullied into an on-the-spot decision)
  • How to put yourself in “high-demand” with this one simple trick

And much more.

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