How Job Seekers Can
Stand Out to Recruiters

Is this the year that you have decided to change careers in search of following your true passion? Perhaps this is the year you do the legwork to find a more fulfilling job in your niche? You need to find a way to impress recruiters. You could be at the start of your career and looking for a way to navigate the huge job seekers market in the coming year. Wherever you find yourself in your career, if you are embarking on a job search, you are going to have to make it through the imposing gatekeeper – “The Recruiter!” I know it sounds like a Hollywood blockbuster title right? But if you wish to get on the talent recruiter’s radar, you are going to have to make a formidable first impression. “How do I do that?”, I hear you ask. Here are some tips to keep in mind when you are trying to make it through this complex portal to your career nirvana.

First, let’s take a look at the recruiter’s day. They are out there trawling through LinkedIn and other sites trying to identify top talent and onboard them for their clients. They are working to place a variety of positions and they have limited time to execute their tasks. Recruiters will take notice of candidates that stand out from the mass of applicants for the job. These are the key attributes that will capture their interest and help you to impress recruiters:

How to Impress Recruiters

  • Follow their instructions to the letter. If they ask you to provide your resume in a specific format –do it. If they ask you to embed your resume in the email copy –do it. Listen to their directions and follow the instructions absolutely. You will be making their jobs easier, quicker and streamlined.
  • Show that you are genuinely interested in the position. Many people are serial job seekers. It’s like a side hobby. They are forever sending off resumes with no intention of leaving their current position. This is a frustrating waste of the recruiter’s time. You also need to actually be qualified for the job they are looking to fill.
  • Never send a generic resume. One size does not fit all for the recruiter. You need to tailor your resume for the specific position you wish to get. A recruiter will be able to see immediately if you have even read the job ad’s requirements and have answered them in your attached resume. When a recruiter can clearly see that you have made an effort, you automatically stand out from the crowd. This shows that you really are interested in the job.
  • Don’t get desperate. Whatever you do, don’t send the recruiter a million emails asking about the status of your application. You don’t want to stand out as an obsessive, desperate person. Keep cool. Hang in there, you will get a response to an email –eventually.
  • Always tell the truth. Don’t embellish your resume. If you mislead the recruiter and then the employer, it will all end in tears or major frustration. Just be honest about what you have done.
  • Prepare adequately for the conversation. When talking to a recruiter, make sure you have rehearsed your answers to potential questions they might ask you. You don’t want to stumble or populate the conversation with long silences or too many “um’s” and “ah’s”. Also, research the company where you are applying for a job so you can answer industry-specific questions related to the organization. If you have done your homework, it means you will also be able to ask relevant, insightful questions about the business and your potential role in it. Always admit where you might have made mistakes in the past and never bad mouth your past employers. Ever.
  • Remember your “please’ and “thank you’s”. Being professional, on time and displaying good manners will impress recruiters and give the them the confidence to put you forward to any employer. Don’t forget to also dress the part.

Speaking On Your Behalf

Following these steps will put you in good favor with the recruiter. There are a few things that you can do to draw further attention to yourself as the perfect job candidate. One of the key ways to be in the running for a new position is if you can get a referral. If one of your contacts or someone in your networking circle recommends you to a hiring manager or recruiter, you are firmly in the door. You have been vetted and put forward as a solid candidate by someone the recruiter trusts. So spend a good deal of time nurturing your contacts so they can assist you in your chosen job search path.

Supe Up Your LinkedIn Profile

You also need to make sure you have optimized your LinkedIn profile to show you as an achiever. Recruiters spend a lot of time on LinkedIn searching for potential candidates, and if your profile shows your impressive accomplishments with many endorsements – they will find you. (note: to get more endorsements, give more endorsements). Be sure to showcase samples of your past and current work in an online professional portfolio. If there is a particular type of job that you are targeting, you can make sure that your LinkedIn profile is geared toward the average job description for those types of positions.

Creating Cover Letter Masterpieces

Crafting the right cover letter is an art. You have to find the balance between injecting your personality while still being professional. The recruiter will scan and read hundreds of these letters so don’t make them sound like a formal “brochure” of yourself. You need to find some places in your writing to catch the recruiter’s attention. If you have researched the company, you will be aware of the challenges to their business and in the cover letter, you could address solutions for the pain points you perceive the company to be experiencing. When you can also show how your unique skill set can alleviate their issues, you will be head and shoulders above the competition. Also, make sure your letter is addressed to a specific person.

Resume Revamp

Your resume must be populated with facts and figures that show your achievements in clear bullet points. The recruiter will be looking for the evidence of your success in a quantifiable format so add those percentages, quotas and successful numbers to your resume. You want to highlight how you really made your mark in the past. This is a sure-fire way to impress recruiters. See our blog post on Crafting the Perfect Resume.

More Tips:

  • Keep a positive attitude, show your enthusiasm and stay engaged in the process of creating your ideal future.
  • Apparently, Monday is the best day to apply for a job.
  • If you feel that you are ready for a new career path and not sure how to go about the transition, or if you are looking to upskill yourself for your desired career path –we can help you. Give us a call so we can set up a 1-on-1 consulting session to help you get on the fast track to career fulfillment.
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