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Unless you're impacting the world for the better, your job isn't all that it can be.

Unless you're impacting the world for the better, your job isn't all that it can be.

Passion for a cause fuels energy, intelligence, and creativity.
Purpose is a powerful driver of workplace happiness.

What society tells you about careers is wrong.

There’s much more to the equation than the salary you earn. You don't have to settle for a career that doesn't fulfill your utmost purpose just because it pays well.

You don't have to compromise. Great options do exist.

You can have it all.

Many meaningful careers exist that enable you to make the world a better place without making sacrifices to your income or ego.

When you find one, the choice becomes easy.

The right career for you is the one that takes care of your needs and fulfills your true purpose through work that you love.

Ross provided invaluable career advice as I pursued my passion in medicine. His thoughtful process was tailored to me and provided confidence throughout my life-changing move.

Adam, Portland, USA

Working with Ross Wehner was a fantastic experience. He's the best of all worlds: smart, hardworking, quick-minded, humble and willing to learn. Above all, he has sacrificed a comfortable life for a life of impact in legacy. He is a special man. I highly recommend working with Ross.

Alexander, Toronto, CA

Ross guided me with a level of professional competence that was far superior to any resources I had previously used. His strategies work and I will use him again in the future.

Aaron, Denver, USA

Ross is a good listener and I appreciated his tailored advice for someone in my unique position. I’d recommend his services to anyone, particularly those making a career transition.

Kara, Denver, USA

You will get the most value I can deliver.

Giving my all to each and every client is a reflection of my personal standards. So, regardless of which option you choose to fulfill your passion, you will get the most value I can deliver. Our solutions, regardless of the format, will be tailor-made specifically for you.

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