Wealth, Health, and Happiness.
Each Day is a New Opportunity!

Whether your goals are wealth, health, or happiness, each day is a new chance with new opportunities to start a journey to a better you.

I’m mediocre at golf. Even though I’ve been playing for 15 years, I still shake my head after consistent inconsistency. I will occasionally hit 3+ great shots in a row and feel like a rock star. That’s usually followed by a series of bad strokes that hurt even more after the prior glimmer of great play. It’s a brutal game that can take your emotions for a roller coaster ride, but ultimately it’s a great excuse to get out and forget about the daily routine for a while.

New Opportunities Tee Up Another Shot

Through all of my experiences over the years, one piece of advice has stuck with me. While on the golf course, my father taught me that each and every stroke of the club are new opportunities to be my best shot of the day. Each swing as a new chance to turn your day around. Each putt has the potential to find the bottom of the cup regardless of how far away the hole seems.

Similar to golf swings, each day is a new chance to be your best day of the year and each hour has the potential to turn your whole day around. Did you have a terrible morning? This afternoon is your chance to start making the rest of the week your best. Create a default mentality that recognizes negative feelings or distractions and enables you to hit the reset button and discover new opportunities. Each time you turn off distractions you’re enabling yourself to start taking action on being the change that you want to see in the world.

That advice is all well and good in theory, but how do I personally put it into practice to continually level-up my life to create wealth, health, and happiness? If I recognize that I’ve been spiraling into the abyss of online distractions (YouTube is a very useful tool that is also fraught with countless slippery slopes of productivity draining entertainment goodness) I take a deep breath in and a big exhale out. I close all of my delinquent browser tabs, turn on my computer’s do not disturb mode, and set the timer for 40 minutes of uninterruptible time. I’m determined to move closer to my dreams. No questions asked. If you’re serious about reaching your goals, you’ll do the same. Just as meditation is a practice of recognizing your monkey-mind thoughts and letting them pass, so should you recognize behavior that isn’t moving you forward, and abruptly return back to your path toward a more successful you.

New Day New Opportunities

New Day New Opportunities

As I’m writing this, I’m on a plane headed to Colorado for a friend’s wedding. The sizable co-passenger next to me has had his elbow in my side for the whole flight. He brought a whole pizza aboard the plane and was very… active in my personal space while tearing through each slice. As he went, I could feel my blood pressure rising at his lack of consideration for others around him. Does he really have this little respect for everyone else on this plane!? I soon thought to myself- “why spend a second of my vacation feeling furious?” What a waste of my time. What a waste of my freedom! While steaming in my airline seat this second, the next passing second is my next opportunity to make an attitude change and deliberately improve my happiness going forward. You want to bump your elbows into me, buddy!? Game on! I bumped him back a few times to let him know I’m there and I’m not going to take his nonsense. This ‘game’ I made up brought an uncontrolled and unplanned smile to my face- a complete 180 attitude shift from only a few seconds ago! That’s the power of this simple trick.

These days I make a conscious effort to make perspective and attitude changes to improve my daily life, but over time, these skills will become habits that I do without effort and my outlook will grow increasingly optimistic. I’m making choices today that are fostering a lifestyle of happiness. Just how each new golf swing is a new opportunity to hit a great shot and to turn my score around, the choices I make each day guide who I am, how I feel, and fosters new opportunities.

Purposely decide to make today your best day this week. Make the week ahead your best of the year, and transform your lifestyle into the one that you want to live. Put the control in your hands to make the life you want to live; a life that you enjoy, and a life makes the world happier, healthier and better than how it was given to you.

At WehnerEd, we believe that a surefire way to improve your life is to continually be learning new things and exploring new opportunities. Whether we’re exploring a new culture through books or travel, learning to cook new dishes, learning new skills for hobbies, or seeking out hidden gems in our area instead of visiting the usual places, we’re striving to continually expand our horizons and hope you’re doing the same!