How Do I Avoid Getting Laid Off?
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In today’s episode, we’ll answer a question from Sam in Waco, TX. “There have been some rumors going around the office about a series of layoffs around the turn of the new year. What would you recommend I do to avoid getting cut, and should I go ahead and start searching for a new job just in case?”

It’s convenient that you ask this question, as I was recently a part of a team that was laid off earlier this year. I spoke last episode about preparing myself to take the leap into a new role, and as I was beginning that formal transition, the vast majority of my team was laid off in a restructuring.

It’s common to think that only those who don’t meet expectations are the first ones to go, but the grim reality is that anyone, regardless of their standing or track record of success, is susceptible. Steve Jobs was famously fired from the company he founded! I’ve seen folks let go from the world-class, industry-leading teams they built, and ultimately it’s the way of the world. Businesses will forever operate in their best interests, and tough decisions are a part of playing the game.

To answer your question on How Do I Avoid Getting Laid Off, there are standard and unsurprising practices that have proved effective over the years including

  • Keeping your resume & LinkedIn information updated
  • Stay in touch with your extended network
  • Stay up to date on your licenses and certifications

But really, in today’s day and age, these old habits likely aren't enough to ensure your continued employment. The reason for this is simple:

The world today is changing at a faster pace than ever before. 

Efficient and minimal-downtime robots are taking over the jobs of factory workers. Computers are now able to do the basic work of engineers while software coders are programming machines that can create their own software. Cars are on the brink of driving themselves, and a continually decreasing percent of the population still files their taxes with a human accountant each Spring. The rest are handled online. Needless to say that this is only the beginning of a new age of digital innovations that will continue changing the face of workforces everywhere.

So then, how will you compete in the coming economy?

  1. Study the trends and ensure your efforts are continually aligned with changing customer needs
  2. Take time to study and to learn new things each day to instill a growth mindset. This investment will pay off immensely.
  3. Leverage the high rate of global innovations to work in your favor. Be an advocate of change, and implement improvements that will get you noticed.

A growth mindset will not only keep your skill set relevant, but will also improve your adaptability.

According to Fast Company, adaptability is one of the most sought after skills by today’s employers beyond what is taught in conventional curriculum.

Did you catch that? 

Learning new skills imparts multiple benefits to help you become more marketable in the ever-changing workplaces. Take time to read and to learn new things personally and professionally each day. Free up your mind to promote adaptability and to level-up your skills.

Create your own success by continually growing yourself, and you’ll be surprised by the amount of opportunities that find you. Now you know how do I avoid getting laid off.

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