Which jobs will disappear in the coming years, and which will thrive?
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In today’s episode, I would like to break down what it really means to have a future-focused job, and why we emphasize them at WehnerEd. Many people don’t realize that their jobs or career paths are not sustainable….and they could cease to exist in the coming future. I would like to share more about the digital trends that are shaping our planet, and what it means for you.

A YouTube video from Kurzgesagt (one of my favorite channels on YouTube) talks about how technology could replace up to HALF of today's jobs in the coming two decades and answers the question “even though automation has been around for a while… What’s different this time that will cause such drastic change in the workplace?” I highly recommend you watch this video, as nearly 4 million others have done, to hear the full story. In a nutshell, a huge number of jobs are being replaced by technology in the coming years because intelligent machines are learning to do more jobs than ever before.

  1. Blockbuster was replaced by Redbox and Netflix …(back when discs arrived in the mail)
  2. Amazon has replaced many retail industries, is one of the largest distributers of music and books, and is expanding further into the territory of grocery stores. Their highly complex supply chain continues to utilize efficient robots to organize products in massive warehouses and pack boxes for shipment. Their delivery drones will soon to lessen the need for UPS and FedEx drivers. They alone are impacting more than a dozen industries.

It’s already been nearly 7 years since IBM’s Watson computer beat the most successful brainiacs on Jeopardy. Even back then, computers were defeating our best and brightest in dozens of intellectual categories. How much longer until they learn your skills?

It’s no longer a matter of “if” but instead is a matter of “when.” This isn’t the first time that dramatic changes have occurred in our society. The industrial revolution caused similar large-scale changes as the population shifted from jobs in agriculture to jobs in factories. More recently, automation in factories pushed many into service-type roles, but now those jobs are dwindling as well. 

Just as new skills were required to prepare the workforce for a new industrial economy, so too must our society today adapt and learn new trades for the jobs that are most in demand today and in the coming future. The good news is that the roles that will continue to thrive aren’t as difficult to obtain as you might think. Learning new skills is now easier and more affordable than ever with the advent of online education. Gone are the days where you need to pay a college tuition that also supports overly beautified campuses and football scholarships. Now you can learn faster and from the comfort of your own home without all the other overhead costs that are included in a brick-and-mortar institution.

The key to success in anything is accountability. Many learners and entrepreneurs are unsuccessful because they aren’t able to hold themselves accountable each and every day. In both cases, it takes a ton of willpower to achieve in unproven business endeavors without the support of your network. Determine the best learning outlet for your needs, and leverage your friends and loved ones to help you make it happen.

Now you know which jobs will disappear in the coming years, and which will thrive?