CHP012: How to Excel in Any Career

How to Excel In Any Career!
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In today’s episode we’ll answer a question from Abbie in North Carolina who writes: I’ve been a high achiever most of my life, but I feel like my career has stagnated over the last few years. What can I do to get on management’s radar and earn a promotion for myself?

There’s no single… secret method, but let’s break down what I did to rise to the top.

  1. Commit yourself 100%
  2. Get to know your team
  3. Evaluate your professional strengths and weaknesses to ensure you’re always growing
  4. Skills 4-12 are outlined in our How to Excel in Any Career Power-Up®
Important Skills in the Workplace:
  1. effective communication
  2. presentation skills
  3. emotional intelligence
  4. sales
  5. quality of questions one asks
  6. product knowledge
  7. customer knowledge
  8. ability to look around corners
  9. time management
  10. networking
  11. leadership
  12. work ethic
  13. personal motivation


So far, we have covered 3 of the 12 successful habits that can help you excel in any career.

  1. Commit yourself 100%
  2. Get to know your team.
  3. Evaluate your strengths and weaknesses.
  4. Skills 4-12 are outlined in our How to Excel in Any Career Power-Up®

As Dale Carnegie mentioned in his book How to Win Friends and Influence People, several key skills help you build strong relationships and gain favor with your peers:

  • Be genuinely interested in what they have to say. Make them feel important
  • Bring energy to the conversation and smile.
  • Be a good listener. People enjoy talking about themselves and sharing about their lives
  • Remember what they say, the names of their family members and the stories they tell.
  • Call them by name. This is especially important for people you don’t see too often. It means a lot when they hear their name, and will trigger in their mind the need to remember you.

For more professional advice, check out our How To Excel In Any Career ebook.


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