How to Earn a Job In Tech Without a College Diploma –  interview with Laurence Bradford.
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In today’s episode, we’re mixing things up. Instead of focusing on answering a single question from you, the listeners, I will be interviewing an impressive influencer in tech who will answer a TON of questions… about how YOU can get hired in tech without a college diploma.

Laurence Bradford.

Laurence Bradford

Our guest today, Laurence Bradford is the creator of; a blog created for those teaching themselves how to code. She also,

  • Hosts a popular podcast by the same name in which she interviews tech influencers and individuals who have changed careers into tech roles.
  • Is a regular contributor to Forbes
  • Manages the  Newbie Coder Warehouse facebook group where self-taught web developers can ask questions, share resources, and support one another.
  • She is constantly publishing new content and… has… had her work featured in USA Today, Mashable, CreativeLive, and TheMuse (just to name a few)
  • On top of that, and she has a full-time day job as a product manager with Teachable

Listen in to learn how you can earn a job in tech without a college diploma!

Excerpt: This is almost a guaranteed way to get at least a meeting at the company, maybe not the job, but at least to get their attention enough to get a phone call or even a coffee-  make a custom landing page or website and outline value for the company. Don’t just focus on yourself, focus on the company, their imagined problems (because you may not know for sure what they are) but if you're approaching my company like okay well what we're trying to increase, monthly recurring revenue, “okay here are ideas and ways within the product or it depends on what role you're going for that you can approach these problems and these are solutions I have.” Even if you're kind of off the mark and maybe like what their actual struggles are, the fact that you go through all that effort to put together this nice landing page outlining the companies problems, suggestions and ideas you have to make it better, that effort is going to make you stand out regardless. I know people who've done similar and they've gotten at least phone calls or in-person interviews and then some of them have led to jobs once they’ve done that.

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