How To Get Hired With An Online Portfolio

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In today’s episode, we’ll answer a question from Kenzie in Memphis who writes: You’ve mentioned creating an online portfolio as a way to stand out from the crowd several times on your podcast. Will you please share some specifics about how I can create such a site as an aspiring UX designer…  and what content I should be publishing to show off my experience?

First off, you should know that applying online to hundreds of jobs that you are only kind of interested in, hoping that just one of them responds back with an interview, isNOTa good use of your time. Not only are you setting yourself up for the silent treatment, you’re also selling yourself short. In today’s day and age, resumes are a bland way to advertise yourself while an online presence is an accessible method truly sharing your brand in full color.
An online portfolio website is your best way to go above and beyond for a hiring manager and your ace in the hole to show off your work to get the tech job you most desire. Your site should clearly communicate your relevant work experience(s) and must provide a call to action for your site visitors to reach out and hire you. The site allows you to display similar information as a resume in a much more appealing format, and also allows you to demonstrate the unique value you have to offer. In last week’s podcast, Data Scientist Fernando Hidalgo, he found a company that he wanted to work for, identified a specific opportunity for how he could help them improve their business, and outlined details about how he solved a similar problem using publicly available data. Essentially saying, “you’re settling for less than you should be, and I’m the solution to help you achieve more. Hire me!”
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