Interview with Marco Morawec, CEO of Firehose Project on Changing Careers via Coding Bootcamps
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Our guest today, Marco Morawec is the CEO and founder of the Firehose Project; where they make online education personal and smart. Their main course teaches web development through a learn-by-doing curriculum, 1-on-1 mentorship and career support that helps their students earn the coding roles they’ve worked hard for.
Started over 4 years ago, Marco and his co-founder Ken taught hundreds of students at places like Harvard, Carnegie Mellon, Babson University, Brown University, AND Rhode Island School of Design through in-person classes before they even thought about applying their understanding of how people learn complex technical concepts to their online education platform.
Today Firehose is one of the leading online bootcamps that helps people who are stuck in their current job or are looking to break into tech, the boost they need. They've graduated close to 1,000 students around the world and have tens of thousands coding with them on their free courses.
Marco is originally from Germany, earned a Masters in Public Policy, and came to the US in 2006. Next to teaching coding and web development all over the place, he's helped improve the learning outcomes for over 4,000 students at Kamehameha Schools while living in Hawaii and was leading the user experience efforts at tech companies like FlyWire where he built an international tuition payment platform that handles well over a billion dollars each year.
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