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Here at WehnerEd, our mission is to enable you to unlock your greatest value, discover your true purpose, and to live a life that fulfills your deepest passions through that work you love. In each episode, we explore tech roles that positively impact the world, uncover the straightest path to earning a career that you’ll love, and provide meaningful insights to help you be your best.
Today our guest is Jeremy Schifeling. Formerly a kindergarten teacher, he’s now a published best-selling author and motivational speaker who has worked at big-name companies including Apple and LinkedIn. These days he works full time at Break Into Tech, a company he founded to help students make the journey into technology and to earn jobs that continually define the world we live in. He and I have an engaging conversation today about inspired individuals who pursue work that fulfills their deepest purposes and address some of the common misconceptions about working in tech. I learned plenty along the way while we recorded this episode and expect that you will as well.
Today we discuss:
  • The mentality that many individuals have about their careers limits their capabilities
  • Easy and affordable ways to  break into tech
  • How to help the recruiter hire YOU 🙂
  • Make yourself a desirable and hireable candidate even before you gain years of experience
  • Finding the job that's right for you, and how to ensure a job is right before you apply
  • The best ways to develop your career are those that feel most natural
  • Tech isn't all sunshine and rainbows
  • Which tech roles are on the rise, and which are fading
  • How to become successful in the tech world (and any other field)
  • Tactics to stay relevant in the ever-changing tech world –

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