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Here at WehnerEd, our mission is to enable you to unlock your greatest value, discover your true purpose, and to live a life that fulfills your deepest passions through that work you love. In each episode, we explore tech roles that positively impact the world, uncover the straightest path to earning a career that you’ll love, and provide meaningful insights to help you be your best.
Our guest today is Alison Cardy, a career coach determined to help you find clarity in your true purpose, build confidence, find the right role for you, and most importantly, earn that position! She is the author ofCareer Grease: How to Get Unstuck and Pivot Your Career, and has been helping clients for over 10 years through her own company, Cardy Career Consulting.
Today we uncover how individuals can make drastic changes for the better, demystify some of the uncertainty of what actually takes place in career coaching sessions, and peek behind the curtain of Alison’s secret sauce that has helped so many. Regardless of where you are in your career and the outcomes you seek, working with a coach can truly help you discover your true self!
Today we discuss:
  • Alison's path to becoming a career coach and starting her own consulting business
  • Finding the right job for you after one too many long days. When you begin to notice that you need a change.
    1. Identify that your career is no longer the right fit for you
    2. Get clarity on which direction is right for you to take your career next
    3. The solution. Finding the right (next) job for you
  • How to address the feeling of being trapped in your career path
  • The fastest and most effective way to get your career back on track is to work directly with a career coach. “Add someone else's brain into the mix.”
  • Alison's CLARITY process
    • Connect to their inner truth
    • Listen to what makes you unique and amazing
    • Amplify your understanding of career blind spots
    • Research career possibilities with an open mind
    • Identify a path that lights you up
    • Translate your vision into the real world
    • say Yes! to waking up daily to a life that feels like your own
  •  Any career is going to affect your level of fulfillment, your financial health, and your personal well-being. A great place to steer your decision on your next career move is to determine which of the three is your highest priority
  • Take time to regularly assess your career, just as you get regular check-ups at the doctor. Don't wait until you find pain points in your career
  • … and more to come in Part 2 of this episode (next week)


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