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Karen Walker is a consultant, author, speaker, and advisor to CEOs and senior leaders. She helps her clients grow their companies with successful outcomes – including IPOs, mergers/acquisitions, market share increases, and significant leadership development. Her clients include Inc. 500 start-ups and Fortune 500 firms.
Karen was an early employee at Compaq Computer and as a member of the senior leadership team, grew the company’s revenue from zero to $111 million in its first year – Compaq then became the fastest company in its time to reach $1 billion. By the time she left to form her consultancy 14 years later, Compaq had grown to $15 billion. Karen’s work today with organizations of all sizes….substantiates the strategies and keys for execution outlined in her new book: No Dumbing Down – A No-nonsense Guide for CEOs on Organizational Growth.
Questions we'll tackle today:
  • How do you define career agility?
  • Why should folks seek to be more agile in the workplace?
  • How can they build their agility muscle?
  • What can folks do at the office to distinguish themselves in the workplace?
  • What skills or expertise separates executives from other ranks? what unique abilities do they have?
  • Is it more than just being very good at what they're being measured on?
  • What are habits that help folks play the game at a higher level?
  • How do you suggest folks train their eye to see improvement opportunities in their businesses?
  • A common setback that many folks neglect in their careers is getting too wrapped up in the day-to-day work and fire-fighting that they don't take time to pop their heads up and think strategically. How can our listeners better integrate this habit into their lives?
  • If a promotion is the best route for someone to make a change or proceed ahead in their career path what should folks do to ensure they're a prime candidate for their target job market?

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