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Stephanie Staidle is a licensed art therapist and business coach who helps individuals and companies bring their visions alive into the world through businesses they love that make a difference.
Her mission is to transform the world of business from one that relies solely on logic, language, and numbers to one that values creativity, risk-taking, play, and innovation.
The Right Brain Entrepreneur is the result of the frustration with a society that encourages ‘playing it safe’ with all work and no play, suppressing our fullest, innate potential for success.  Most of the education system does not set up the foundation for world-changing entrepreneurs and happy companies.
As the founder of The Right Brain Entrepreneur, she provides on-site workshops and coaching to business professionals worldwide, educating them on the science behind achieving results in business by using ‘right brain thinking’, offering outside-the-box solutions to improve team building, problem-solving, and employee satisfaction.
Questions we'll tackle today:
  • Why do you feel the right-brain skills are so important compared with those that are typically focused on in the workplace? (A quick anatomy lesson for the folks at home, the left side of the brain guides analytic thoughts, language, logic, math, & science. Alternatively, the right brain has much more influence over creativity, imagination, music, and art.)
  • Why do you believe creativity is such an important skill in the workplace?
  • How can our listeners boost their creativity muscle?
  • How do you recommend folks boost their right-brain thinking?
  • In today’s day in age risk-taking and innovation have been significantly downplayed in favor of quarterly earnings reports.  – especially when these mentalities are hard-wired into our organizations and cultures, HOW can individuals succeed with a right-brained mentality and skills?
  • What do you believe should change about our education system to better prepare future generations for the challenges we face today and will likely face in the future?
  • How do you believe we can better teach folks these skills?
  • How can folks generally stand out from the crowd at the workplace?
  • Are there common areas in which your clients have opportunity for improvement?
  • By studying history, we can expect that a stock market correction is imminent… what should folks be doing now to prepare themselves and help them weather the storm?
  • Looking at your website, you mentioned the importance of play. What benefits does play provide, and how do you recommend folks integrate it into their routines?
  • What is a common roadblock that your clients face?

How to connect with Stephanie: