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Matt Ward is an angel investor, startup advisor and serial entrepreneur that’s helped thousands build, grow and scale successful startup companies. Thanks to three successful exits of companies he founded, Matt now runs an investment group focused on future-thinking tech companies, while also serving as an advisor for several startups. He is a frequent writer on, author of Gods of the Valley – How Today’s Tech Giants Monopolize the Future and has also been featured in tons of other corners of the web.
As if he wasn’t busy enough, Matt is also the founder of Disruptors.FM (formerly Fringe.FM). Disruptors is a podcast like a long-form TED talk with the world's smartest and most forward thinking individuals. Guest share about solving the world's major problems through collaboration, creativity and long-term perspectives. Each conversation with today’s top minds discusses the future each is creating. From genetic engineering to manned space travel, AI and automation to factory farming, education and healthcare… really, the purpose of the podcast is to not only predict the future, but to create it.
… and that’s exactly why Matt is a guest on our show today.
Many episodes of the Career Hacking Podcast dive into the tips, tricks, and mindsets that will help you achieve in your career today, but it’s also crucial that you take the time to wonder and dream about the future so that you are building your career on a foundation built to last. Guests like Matt (and our conversation inepisode 37 on blockchain and the future of careers ) help us to understand what’s potentially next for [society… and the workforce] so that we may all be more prepared for what’s to come.
I love dreaming about the future with folks that are determined to drive positive change for society, and episodes like this one are my favorite to research and record. Buckle up for an exciting and optimistic look into the future, and be sure to take notes on what you should be doing to stay ahead of the pack! Will you be timid to jump into the river of change, or will you embrace what’s ahead and leverage it for your own growth and success?
Questions we'll tackle today:
  • What is your purpose? (Why do you do what you do? What motivates you?)
  • What has you excited about the future?
  • You mention on your website that you aim to shift humanity to a more long-term focus (mentioning that short-term gratification is often the root of our problems). Will you break this down for us, and maybe provide insights that our listeners should keep in mind?
  • How do you stay up to date on the latest advancements?
  • How do you see the career landscape changing?
  • How can folks future-proof their careers in this fluid environment?
  • What skills will be important throughout the digital revolution?
  • You and I could both agree that our education system should be adapting to help prepare upcoming generations for what’s ahead. What do you believe we should be teaching our students to better equip them for what’s ahead?
  • How do you define your own success?

How to connect with Matt: