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Nate Swanner is a writer, editor, and developer. He has written for publications like SlashGear, The Next Web, and is currently an Editor for Dice…a recruitment engine that connects top tech talent with job opportunities around the world.

Nate has published articles on imposter syndrome for those new to tech, working remotely, challenges faced by bootcamp grads, recruitment, and self-employment. Before Nate and I met one another, I was already very impressed with his content….I knew that it would be very helpful for our listeners and followers,  and was actively sharing much of it on the WehnerEd Twitter and Facebook feeds.

In today's episode, Nate answers questions such as:

  • How would you say tech is changing?
  • Just because a job is in tech, that doesn’t mean that it has to be a hip startup in Silicon Valley full of millennials. Can you share about the other side of tech that’s maybe more approachable for someone not in their 20’s, or a little more seasoned in their career?
  • How should someone new to tech dip their toe in the water or get started?
  • What are the advantages of working in tech vs. other more-traditional fields?
  • Will you please share a bit about Artificial Intelligence (AI) in your own words, and how it may be a more-attainable career option than most think?
  • How attainable or realistic is it for someone with a non-tech background to learn and work professionally in AI?
  • Can someone work self-employed in AI or do they have to work for someone else?
  • Let’s assume everyone out there listening is totally on board with what you’re sharing and find a job with a company they’d love to work for… but it’s thousands of miles away. How have you seen people land remote jobs? Is it any different than applying to something more traditional?
  • How can our listeners overcome imposter syndrome?
  • How should job applicants prepare for technical interviews?

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