How The Skills Gap in Tech Benefits You – Career Hacking Podcast Episode 19

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There is a massive skills gap in tech! Meaning, there are more job postings for certain jobs in tech than qualified people to fill them. This is a huge opportunity for individuals to level up their careers with only 6-12 months of training online. Let's make it happen!

In today’s episode, I would like to share a topic with you that has come up quite a bit in recent conversations.  What would I recommend to individuals to help them prepare for the next stock market correction? What should people be doing today to help weather a similar market slide as 2008?


Market corrections periodically happen every so often regardless of what's happening in the world, and it’s smart to start sharpening your pencil and developing the abilities today that will help you avoid being laid off, or at least make finding a new job much easier.

Let’s take a moment to learn from history. Even those that were well positioned and comfortable in their roles struggled to find work during the recession. Maybe that was you, or maybe you’re counting on your current experiences to help you weather the next storm. Knowing what you know now, does this still sound like a good idea?

I’m not a predictor of doom, but let’s face it- today’s markets are severely overvalued and a reset is again imminent. What will trigger it? Who knows! …but when it does hit, how can you minimize the amount that it impacts you? How can you reduce your chances of being laid off? Or, god forbid, how can you minimize the amount of time that you spend searching for new employment?

To make matters worse, automation is making more jobs obsolete every day, so by the time a market correction hits, the challenge of finding new employment will only be worse than in the past.

Let’s think about what companies need the most both today and during times of struggle. Businesses exist for the sake of making a profit. Some have more-noble causes that they support as well, but ultimately they wouldn’t exist without bringing money in the door. If they want to increase their profitability and efficiency today, they’ll appropriately try to attract more customers and increase the amount of money they make on each sale.

A quick google search about the “skills gap” will quickly prove, many jobs in tech are in high demand and there aren’t enough people trained for these jobs to fill the demand.

Did you catch that? The skills gap means there are more job postings for certain jobs in tech than people to fill them. The market demand is skewed in your favor for getting hired!

Check out this episode to learn more!