“I had been underpaid and undervalued for years before I met Ross. His energy and passion for helping others quickly lifted my spirit and made me optimistic that I could get a job that truly valued and rewarded me. His advice is methodical and conscious of my needs. I feel like a valued client and I'm well on my way to a much better position.”


“Ross guided me with a level of professional competence that was far superior to any resources I had previously used. His strategies work and I will use him again in the future.”


“I have listened to various self-help/coaching videos in the past, but none were able to deliver the clear, methodic, and complete path forward like this course has done in just over 1 hour. I feel hopeful for the first time in a long time.”


“With an English degree and minimal experience, I felt like no one would hire me. Ross created a winning resume for me that landed me multiple job offers! We had to schedule an extra meeting just to help me choose which one to take. LOL. I'm still amazed by his wizardry and look forward to working with him again.”


“I had a great job but over time I grew bored and unhappy. I knew I needed a fresh start for had no idea what to do instead. Ross not only helped me discover an exciting new direction but also helped me make the transition into the new role. I couldn't be happier and as crazy as it sounds, I actually look forward to going to work!”


“Where was I a year ago? Ready to throw my laptop out the window. I hated everything about my work but was afraid to put myself out there for something else. WehnerEd not only calmed my nerves but helped me quickly get a new job that's SO MUCH BETTER! I can't thank them enough for helping me escape that hellhole.”


“I thoroughly enjoyed the career course – I took a lot of notes! It was a huge plus that the narration was on point; there are many courses out there that are painfully dull. The time segments were great – interesting, loaded with information, and delivered in a concise and engaging manner.”


“I thought I was the only one who felt like changing careers was full of tons of work, boring resumes, and anxious interviews. I can't believe how simple and quick Ross made the process. He had me interviewing for a new job within a week and hired after several rounds of interviews. His coaching is as awesome as I had hoped.”


“I am excited about this new journey and feel more prepared than ever – I wish I had access to these tools 20 years ago. Many thanks for helping me in this endeavor!”


“As an executive, I didn't have time for updating my resume for applying to tons of jobs. After a few quick calls, Ross updated my resume and created job leads for me. I earned interviews for several of them and received multiple offers over the course of a few months. It feels illegal to change jobs this easily. Working with Ross was worth every penny.”


“Ross provided invaluable career advice as I pursued my passion in medicine. His thoughtful process was tailored to me and provided confidence throughout my life-changing move.”


“Ross is a good listener and I appreciated his tailored advice for someone in my unique position. I’d recommend his services to anyone, particularly those making a career transition.”