Winning In Interviews: How to Spin Your Experiences for Success

Winning in Interviews

Want to know the secret to crushing an interview? It’s all about how you tell your story when answering the interviewer’s questions. Ultimately, the goal in an interview is to get them to like you. Your skills earned you the interview, and the interview communicates whether they absolutely must hire you or whether you’re someone they can pass on. What message will you leave your interviewer with?

An interviewer is not only evaluating you on the job-specific skills and traits that you have to offer but also other abilities that you can bring to the table to contribute to the teams that are already in place. Interviews are given to people that already have proved that they have the necessary skill sets but are you somebody that I want to work with day in and day out? Are you going to contribute this person going to bring energy that emits person would it be a joy to work with this is person handle conflict well this person have charisma do they come prepared to meetings do they work extra when it’s required. An interview isn’t about telling people about your experience you would have gotten the interview if you didn’t already have that experience the interview is strictly to evaluate you as a person do you have what it takes do you have the mental toughness do you have a personality that others would want to work with and represent the company’s culture. Do you have integrity? What do you do in the face of a problem? Do you attack it head-on? Do you curl up into a ball and admit defeat? Do you punt it to somebody else and succeed on the results of other people’s hard work instead of your own. When you prepare for an interview keep these items in mind because you’re selling yourself to that that opportunity and until you sell yourself that you’re right for that job you won’t ever have an ability to sell the interviewers that you’re right for that job. The best question that you can be asked in an interview is when they ask why should we hire you for this role this question is your opportunity it gives you the floor to talk about why you’re a great candidate why they’d be lucky to have you. It’s an open agenda for you to brag about yourself and distinguish yourself from your competition. I personally love this question because an interview that I was asked I was able to answer that because I was 26 I brought energy I had free time that I could devote more to the business as priorities changed and as necessary that I’ve as Millennial I’ve grown up with technology I know word in Google Docs in and Apple’s iWork Suite the back of my hand then I get more done and 40 hours then many of the folks that are well into their careers that I’ve worked with get accomplished and 6 year more hours strictly because not only in my proficient with the tools I’m adaptive to the changing environments efficient with the tools that I’m using I had more energy I can operate at a faster Pace I’m mentally tough I’m mentally fit so that it doesn’t wear me out to operate at a high paste the same way it would for somebody else you get more out of me in 50 hours than you would maybe get with two people because of my ability to operate at that high-level This is what distinguishes me from my competition and if this role as I suspect it will is something that I can engage with and something that I can buy into the outcomes were driving I understand what it is that motivates me and I believe this role will bring out the best of what I have to offer so I think that we can absolutely work together as a team both in terms of me contributing to your efforts will also check in the boxes that help make me happy and fulfilled person. While this may not be the same story that you would tell, come up with the reasons why the role that you’re applying for are right for you tell your story about how you’re the best can it forgiving roll sure you may have the bare-bones amount of skills that they’re looking for but if you can sell them on your charisma if you can sell them on your energy your work ethic your interest and ability to learn at a quick Pace. Your ability to work with technical teams to communicate you can exude confidence if you can show the rest of the package and you can tell your story you can share your experiences

Career Tips for Winning in Interviews


  • mentoring new teammates
  • time management
  • not afraid of hard work (compared to the stigma of millennials)
  • constantly learning new skills and tools to keep up with each model year release
  • managing conflict & conflict resolution with unhappy customers
Winning in Interviews


  • motivating and influencing others
  • managing and balancing many priorities simultaneously
  • battling procrastination and planning ahead
  • communicating complex and new subjects clearly and succinctly
  • directing and growing a team by buying into their success
Winning in Interviews

Waiter/ Waitress (customer service)

  • balancing simultaneous needs
  • conflict resolution
  • team buy-in (delegating work and offering to help others to balance the load)
  • accustomed to shifting hours to support team wins
  • iterating and patience to get the job done right
Winning in Interviews
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